Dr. Howard Donner

Famed Expedition Physician and Author Coming to ExpedMed Little Rock!

Dr. Howard Donner

Dr. Howard Donner

ExpedMed is excited to announce that Dr. Howard Donner is confirmed for our Little Rock event on March 9-10, 2018!

Dr. Donner is one of the leading voices of Wilderness Medicine and is an experienced expert in remote medical care. 

Here is Dr. Donner's biography:

Howard Donner, MD is a highly acclaimed speaker on Wilderness Medicine. Renowned as one of the “world’s most experienced expedition physicians”, Dr. Donner is co-author of The Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine, worked on numerous medical projects in the Himalayas, 3 seasons as a rescue doctor on Mt. McKinley in Alaska for the National Park Service at the 14,000 foot medical/rescue station, expedition physician on the first American ascent of Kangchenjunga, the world’s third largest peak (28,000 feet), Olympic physician for the United States White Water Team in Atlanta (1996) and 5 years of service as a medical operations consultant for NASA. Dr. Donner has been prominently featured in two award-winning NOVA television documentaries including; "Deadly Ascent" which chronicles mountain medicine and research on 20,320 ft Denali (Mount McKinley); and "Everest - The Death Zone". Donner served as expedition doctor on the 1998 NOVA Everest expedition, which was featured in the television documentary: "Everest: The Death Zone".

High Altitude Medicine with Dr. Howard Donner at ExpedMed!

At a prior ExpedMed event, Dr. Howard Donner delivered a lecture on high altitude medicine.  We recorded the talk and are making it available to ExpedMed fans as an example of the quality of teaching displayed at ExpedMed.

Howard is an author and highly experienced expedition physician who has traveled the world and lectures to thousands of physicians annually.

Take a look at this lecture, and if you want more, be sure to register for our Expedition Medicine National Conference that will be in Little Rock, Arkansas, March 9-10, 2018!


How to Get Into Wilderness Medicine: An Interview with Dr. Howard Donner

I've been organizing and directing medical conferences since 2006.  One of the benefits of these events is that I have the opportunity to meet many fascinating and inspiring individuals.  Of all these individuals, one of my favorites is Dr. Howard Donner.

Howard is a hilarious person who I first heard speak at a Wilderness Medicine conference when I was still a resident.  Years later, Howard authored the first chapter of our Expedition & Wilderness Medicine textbook, and has spoken numerous times at our ExpedMed events.

In this interview, I sit down with Howard to hear not only about his career, but also about the history of how Wilderness Medicine began as an organized discipline. As always, Howard's interview-- complete with outtakes and side discussions-- is lively and fun and provides a number of insights into how someone can build a career in Wilderness Medicine.  I've posted his bio below the video.

Howard Donner is a Family Practice physician and a well-known expert in Wilderness Medicine. Dr. Donner served as an Expedition Physician on the 1988 Kangchenjunga Expedition, the 1997 NOVA Everest Expedition, and as a medical officer on the Denali Medical Research Project. As co-author of Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine, Dr. Donner is a frequent national lecturer and has provided medical support as a volunteer for the National Park Service. In addition to his medical expertise, Dr. Donner works as a commercial pilot and independent filmmaker.